Headlight Problems?

Hello, I have just joined this forum to see if anyone can help us with a problem we seem to have with terribly, dangerously dim headlights. They are fine on full beam, but obviously one can't drive around like that, and that's where the problems start. It is like driving with candlelights, we are totally blinded, when other cars overtake us, we get an idea of how bright our lights should really be. We bought a used 2006 Nissan Almera 5dr hatchback in September (DK56 reg). Mileage apr 52,000 at the time. Soon after, we noticed this problem. Recently went to garage where we purchased the car and the garage owner changed bulbs to see if it would improve. Not much improvement, still driving in dark. I read online that there has been a recall on Almera headlights a while back but this has lapsed. So went back to garage owner and he agreed to replace just one headlight, as he seems to think just one is at fault (which we don't understand). Can anyone help or give any advice as to what would be best to do? Have you had similar problem or know anything about this headlight issue? Would Nissan still assist even though we are the 3rd or 4th owner and the car is over 6 years old? thank you!...


You need to check with nissan if the headlights were replaced in recall. I'm not sure if this car would come under the recall but is worth a check
I'm not sure you may be able to check online or phone nissan with your VIN, it will be stamped on the firewall in the engine bay starting in SJN


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Yes give your local dealer and call and they will check your plates and or VIN to see if any recall work is outstanding.

Note though that cars after 2004 should have been fitted with the updated versions of lights and anything else that fell under a recall.
if there is a date stamped on the white sticker on each headlight they are the newer design, if they are the newer design try using nightbreaker+ bulbs to improve your light output

Im with happyharry, osram nightbreaker+ bulbs make a massive difference and are well worth the £12.
Just want to say how pleased I am with the DEPO lights I got from Ebay. It is literally a difference of night & day (Excuse the pun). To be fair it is partly the xenon bulbs I put in there, but without the DEPO lights those bulbs don't make a bit of difference. I can actually see where I'm going now!
Hi , ive just bough a 2004 Almera
And yes the headlights are crap
Has anyone tried swapping them around
Ie: having the outside one as low beam ?
Hi, I have been putting up with the crap Nissan headlights since I bought my late 2006 Almera S in January this year. Output is woeful, never driven a car with such poor headlights. Getting sick of using the headlights from the car behind me to see where I am going! I even put nightbreakers in and it made about 10% difference, but still could not really see where I was going.

As Autumn Winter will be here soon, I have just replaced the Nissan ones with TNY ones from ebay (£90ish for pair) fairly easy to fit, and took the chance to replace my bulbs as well to nightbreaker laser (not xenons) , and new side bulbs etc. The difference is AMAZING, just how I expected it to be when I bought the car.

Every Almera needs this upgrade. Well worth the money, if like me you had been putting it off for a while. Lights seem to be aligned ok, and lifter motor seems to work fine which were taken from the original Nissan units - although they were not very easy to remove. took me while to work out how to get them out without destroying them.

As I had the units out, I also took the time to refix the front bumper - as there is a little clip which does a crap job of holding the side of the front bumper on, now held with cable ties and will no longer pop out every five minutes.

A considerable upgrade - do it if you are pondering getting replacement lights from ebay, wish id have done it sooner now.
Sorry to bump an older post but my Almera 05 headlights are rubbish, where do you get the Depo replacement ones from, is there any other alternatives that are as good?


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