Hello everyone, I'm new and I need some help please!

Hi all, I'm Nat, I'm 24 and from Mansfield.
I currently own a '54' plate Almera 2.2 dci SXE (136) which I found locally through work.
Currenly it has a stage 1 map running around 175bhp and 380nm which is making me smile quite a bit (especially after driving a 1.6 n/a polo gti for the past 2 years).

So far I'm enjoying how the car drives, but there is one issue that is bugging me. It's basically when the car is at a low idle for anything longer than 10-15 seconds, it feels like it goes into limp mode. An engine code came up which showed an issue with the fuel pressure regulator 1 on my diagnostics equipment but I haven't had chance to get into it and look. I physically have to turn the car off and on again to get it to run right, and if I hold the revs just above the lower idle (or have the aircon on to raise it slightly) it runs absolutely spot on.

Help please!

Thanks a lot guys, I hope to hear from you!

Hi mate welcome, I don't know much about the diesel almeras but could you raise the idle slightly and see if it solves it? Otherwise would check the fpr and make sure it's functioning properly.
Thanks. I wish it was that simple but it's all throttle by wire so there is no actual cable to move around. I'll have a chat with some guys at work (halfords autocentre) and see what they think. I hope it's not a new injector though as they're rather expensive!

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