hunting and sucking

Hi can anyone shed any light on why my cars revs sit at 1500rpm on idle and when i take accelerator off its at 2000 rmp then hunts then settles at 1500.Only odd thing is excessive sucking from the air filter box
car is a 1.8 almera petrol.Thanks
Ive taken it to a garage when the exhaust was done and he found no leaks in the system but its using massive amounts of fuel too
maf sensor is located on the air intake. You will see it atttached to the pipe coming out the airfilter box with a plug attached.
and i'm presuming the idle control valve with be next to the throttle body.
nope never worked strange thing is it does it more when cold especially the revving high
Are you maybe looking for thing's that aren't actually broke? like wondering why something is making that "sucking noise should it be doing that"
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