Idea's to upgrade looks & performance

Hi all, here is my N16 QG15DE, currently wondering what styles, and performance mods I can do (with in reasonable price range) and anything you guys would recommend doing?

Thanks Conor. 14141652_10206501502288279_4440455283486989508_n.jpg 14233270_10206612601865699_379929214290117422_n.jpg 14237480_10206572035971577_1808230147766719969_n.jpg
theres nothing worth doing performance wise on the 1.5 engine, they dont really respond to anything and are a weak base the begin with unfortunately. They are built to be economical.
Thank you mate, would you say it's worth putting a 1.8 in?
I don't really fancying buying a new almera again, and would rather spend the time converting a engine :)
They were supposed to be economical but found they were quite thirsty personally would never buy a mid range engine either get a 1l for economy or 2l and above for power tend to find the 1.4 to 1.8 return bad mpg around town especially if driven hard.

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