Interior light

Hi guys, my interior light has stopped working when the doors are open. I can switch the light on, so that works, also when my doors are open the indicator on the dash comes on so the door switches are working. I am thinking maybe there is a relay somewhere that has gone? All fuses are ok but i dont know where to look for, or if there even is a relay.
Has anyone got any ideas?
there is some fuses under the bonnet mate on the right hand side as well as the inside fuses so have a check on them, i don't think those under the bonnet will control any of the interior but always worth a check, the only others that there is, is on the left under the black box, but im sure they only control the headlights/fogs ect ect
My guess is the actual switch. In n15's it's common for it to become worn over time so you have to play with it a bit to get it to work. Really can't be much else if the light comes on when you switch it on.
Sounds like as Spyke said the switch needs adjusting, over time the metal contacts can come away from the switch. Had this problem with my old almera
Which position is the switch in? Mine has three, push left for ON centre for automatic, right for OFF regardless of anything else
Take the interior light housin out from the roof its simple enough and disconnect the wiring. Check the middle pin on the switch is touching the rollerso the switch, if its not bend it down so it is. Middle pin is the one the works when the doors open. Then just attach it back up and see if it works
I have the opposite
My middle option will not turn off with doors closed. It will dim when I lock the car but not turn out completely
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