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Hello, it's been a while coming, but i just haven't done much to my car so don't really have any progress as such to show you all.

I pick her up on the 10th of October from a Member on here, he was very, very generous in keeping hold of the car till i could make it up to collect. Me and Chris took a trip up with my Dad which was, lets just say eventful. Especially when Chris' sat nav started shouting out directions and making a rather loud beeping noise.

The drive back down from Inverness was great even though my Dad managed to beat me down the road. We met up with Ross and Steven, and those are the pics that you'll see, at the Forth Road Bridge.

Since then i have given it a major service, added Heko wind deflectors and headlight protectors and changed the headunit over.

It gets washed ever weekend at work when i do the works van and hopefully have some more cleaning products here next week to give it that we bit more than just a standard wash and wax;)

I plan on getting a set of wheels sprayed in KR2 (yeah i know it's copying Ed), and some falken ze-912's all round at the same time. Also going to underseal it before the Nuneaton meet.

Also add the SS spark plug cover and get my spare rocker cover painted.

That's whats all on my to do list just now, and i'll keep updating this as they slowly happen.


Thanks for looking :)


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if you can find a set go ahead man, painting is the only real option though


Captain Slow
I don't suppose you have a part number for them?
I could always try and get the clear bulge ones and paint them, but I'd rather get originals.


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Going to look amazing Matt :) and looks like a great example as it is. KR2 ftw! :lol: You getting the wheels and all you mentioned done for Nunny or just the undersealing? Oh and I'm also running Falken 912s you copy cat :lol: nah joking mate.


Captain Slow
Thanks for the comments guys. Doubt i'll get the wheels done before Nunny just the undersealing.

I've always fancied the Falkens.

Will get some more recent photos up soon with the wind defectors on.


Captain Slow
Good clean and Underseal!

I got my cleaning products through during the week and had some time this morning to put them to the test.

I washed the car with cheap shampoo that isn't to bad actually, then dried and applied Carlack68 to clean the paintwork and some Collinite 476s to seal and wax. I only managed one layer and could probably do with another. However i will be stripping this all off soon to clay and polish the car as it's in bad need of it.

Here are some pics sorry for the quality(i too will blame Ed :lol:)

Pre wash

First Rinse


Second Rinse



Wax On

Wax Off

I found the Carlack was great and gave a really good clean and the 476 was so easy to apply and come off too.


Captain Slow
I also Got round to undersealing the car today to, although the weather wasn't good i thought sod it and got to it. First time I've ever done it and it wasn't too bad. Couldn't get all the car done so just done the rear arches, a portion of the rear sill, doors , bonnet and boot.

I used clear stuff for everything bar the arches and sills for which i used black.

Jacked up and put on axle stands

Masked off a little bit




Finished for the day :lol:

Was quite surprised how easy it all went on.

I also fitted my exhaust tip i got sent down from Don the day too

Thanks for looking!
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