Mo's Trop Green GTi

It's an amazing car! I have given her a fair amount of miles the last few years and still pulls like new. Tempted to change the coilovers soon tho. I was also playing with the idea of maybe putting a turbo on it but I'll need to price it all up first etc.
Car stopped working today on the road. Just popped out of gear and won't move now. Had a new clutch not long ago so I'm lost as to what it could be just now. Clutch cable maybe? Any advice folks? Really need it back on road asap. Waiting for someone to look At it. Cheers
Turns out a brake pad was stuck between the calliper and disk. Clearly giving it too much on the back roads [emoji28]. Car is currently being mot prepped.

Watch this space

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Current Spec

D2 coilovers on rears, Diyamas on front
Hotshot header & down pipe
2.5" stainless CatBack built by prospeed
200sx interior (only front seats fitted)
Powdercoated alloys and Nueton NT5000's
VZR rears
VZR Grill
Uprated speakers
Blaupunkt Autoradio Cupertino 220 headunit
Genuine OEM Almera mats
Rear poly engine mount

To be fitted SRi Splitter

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