my machine polisher

this is my machine polisher, im sure few on the club have the same or a new meguiars item

Portar cable, imported from the us, as these arent ce marked for europe

meguiars have not long released their model a "Meguiars G220 Dual Action Polishing Machine"

well this is a porter cable

need a transformer to use these ones!

various polishing pads

Yellow- (compounding pad)- used to remove swirl marks, paint stains, minor scratches and oxidation.

White- (perfecting pad)- Always follow the yellow pad with the white pad. used for general polishing, light oxidation and minor swirl marks. use with pre-wax cleaners for regular maintenance and light polishing.

Blue- (high-gloss polishing and waxing)- creates a highgloss finish when used with a finishing polish, use to apply waxes, sealantsand finishing glazes.

Black- (Glazing pad)- used for appling glazes prior to adding wax or sealant

Red- (finishing pad)- used for appling sealants

the yellow plate with the black centre is the backing plate for the pads, with a velcro back for the pads to stick on to


4" Spot pad and backing plate

used for removing deeper scratches

Usefull stuff

blue low tack tape- to cover any black trim. round windows, door handles, as portar cable can damage these when working ie burn them

Polish applicator pads- for applying polish etc

Micro fibre towel- NO NEED TO USE OLD RAGS, for removing rpolish residue after polshing

Detailing swabs-
for hard to reach areas

Clay bar

various makes on the market , but this is a black fire item

for removimg, tar, surface contaniments and old wax and overspray

to be used with a quick detail spray for lubrication on the paint

this step is done after washing and brfore starting machine polishing
Not sure if this needs its own thread but where would you suggest buying clay bar?

Last time I got a kit with the quick detailer and some meguiars wax (no idea why they include wax? :confused:), and obviously a couple of bars of clay... but as you can guess, I dont wanna buy the whole kit again, I just need to get my hands on some clay


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Amen! Lol! Spent a fortune on that site! Posted my car up in the members thread to and the Almera has got some good comments :)
If your car is properly waxxed then the air may flow better over the silky smoooooooooottttthhhhhhh bodywork.

Then again it might not.

Makes buckets like chris's look good tho.

I done a course on machine polishing a couple of months back and found the G220 I have was a bit much to use for any about of time due the vibration, used a rotary polisher that day as well and found it so much better. It cut alot quiter and very easy to use.
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