My Mera

I say new front bumper, get those indicators on, make that grille open mouth. And debadge the side.

Those wheels look TASTY though. I think i'm going to get mine painted white now, thats awesome man!
Cheers have been thinking about the Gti bumpers if i got some it would have to be in red already cause im lazy and dont want to spary my bumpers againg lol cheers for the coments :)
just seen it going about this is mine lol
used to have an almera but sold it a while back just come on here to have a look about now and again do miss it though maybe a gti on the cards in the future
Looking good now Paul :D I think there's something missing with the grille though, don't think it quite fits the look tbh. Red 2-slat or a red Ph2 grille would work IMO. I'll text you when Ed gets his mera so we can meet up :D
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