n15 1.4 power upgrades?

how are things lads,ive driven my 99 1.4 n15 a few weekends now since buying it and as it has very low mileage the engine is very healthy and quick as its beating 1.4 civic's in my area,but id love some more power without having to step up a few litre's due to insurance and running costs,so just wondering is there any cheap and relatively easy modifications to the engine i could do to gain a few hp?have 500 max to spend!and also with regards to handling,have coilovers on it now and handles brilliantly but they are stiff as fuck so swapping them for vzr shocks and springs tomoro and have strut braces for the front and rear,anything else i can get to improve it?

Sorry for the long post but cant find any help or information anywhere else :p sound!
Spent a couple hundred on SR20 Swap and put the rest towards your insurance. Getting power from the GA is a money pit
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