Currently running a stainless header and stainless system.
Also has Induction kit fitted.
Apart from that she is standard. :)
Done some bits to the beast now. Some nice white wheels along with some nightbreaker bulbs de globed indicators and some tinted rear clusters.
I will get some pics up in the next few days
Going to get some pics up this weekend. Here is a couple of my old gti. Don't know if any of you guys have it, I did see it up for sale a while ago and tried to get it back but the bloke had already sold it.
almera gti 2.JPG
Found some not so nice bits on my gti the other day looked under the carpet at the rear arch's and there starting to go so they are on the list to get sorted. Does anyone do repair panels for them?
Currently has stainless 421 manifold into a decat running into a stainless 4 inch outlet bit on the loud side. Up rated air filter. Quick shift fitted. Sitting on Apexi springs with KYB adjustable shocks. Lifted bonnet and some deep dish 15" wolfrace alloys with 195 50 tyres.
Get the rust sorted out now if you havn`t done so already,doesn`t take long for a little blemish on the arch to become a hole.
Looks great,but i might put Phase 2 rear lights in to match the fronts, if it was mine :)
Just got in from going up to Birmingham 145 mile round trip to tiptop exhaust. Had a new stainless system made and fitted no centre box and a nice inward rolled tip on a nice stainless box with nice 2.5 pipes from front to back. These blokes are brilliant and cheap on price aswell. They do engine remapping and dynamic turning. Also got round to fitting the rear shocks and springs yesterday.
Cheers lads. i'll get some pictures done tomorrow. Just been looking online and found there has been alot of bad comments about tiptop exhausts.
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