N15 SR20DE sound

Hey guys...my SR20DE does not sound nice on idle and I would love to include a video but I'm not allowed to, so if you think you can help me, send me a PM and I'll send you a link with that vid so you can tell me if it's okay (most probably not) and if not what could it be. Cheers
Ah this is what fine sounds like on idle? Okay..i thought it sound a bit weird, maybe timing chain 'stretched' a bit..btw everyone is telling me that I don't have to change the timing chain on SR20..when should I change it? Or is it truth that I don't have to?
So it sounds okay as far as you can tell? Im not really into snapping chains thats why Im asking about it :D
Just found out...one of the exhaust manifold studs is snapped inside the head..f**k me sideways. Thats a nice surprise..


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Can't hear anything in that video, but cameras rarely pick up everything.

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...and noisy injectors.
I may be hearing an exhaust manifold leak on that clip. The broken stud may be the culprit.
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