N15 Track Car

As some of you may know, I bought Green-GTi's track car.

Picked it up last night and drove it 300miles home without fault. Got it up on the ramps this morning and theres a few rust patches that need sorting, but nothing too taxing.

Decided to start its diet plan. Firstly getting rid of plastics and carpets.

Put some DaleSpec stickers on the wheels too.

More weightwatchers tomorrow.
Quick spec list;

- Tomei Poncams
- XTD Lightweight Flywheel
- SoCal Tri-Y Manifold
- 2.5" LiamSpec Catback
- Walbro 190L/H Fuel Pump
- 3" custom aluminium intake pipe with Apexi filter, aluminium heatshield and fog light and headlight ducts
- Mishimoto Alloy Radiator
- Greddy Emanage

- Quaife ATB Diff
- MeisterR Zeta-R 8/7 Coilovers
- Panhard Rod Conversion
- Full Polybush kit Front to Rear inc Engine Mounts
- Subframe Collars
- MR2 Twinpot Front Calipers with 305mm Discs and Carbotech XP10 Pads
- ABS Delete
- Braided Brake Lines
- Work Emotion 11R 17x8J Wheels
- Federal 595RSR - 235/40
- OMP Steering Wheel with 50mm spacer
- LiamSpec 4 Point Roll Cage
- Motomec GRP Seats
- STR 6 Point Harnesses
- GRP Bonnet with Aerocatches
- Lightened wiring looms
- Manual window conversion
- Hole sawed interior skins

- 2L Foam Extinguisher
- Dry Powder Extinguisher
- Oddessy light weight battery relocated to boot
- Front brake cooling ducts
- Plastic rear 1/4 windows with brake cooling ducts

Things on my list
- Front Roll centre correction ball joints
- 10kg/mm front springs
- MFactory 5.1FD
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No turbo here, too much power for track.

I didnt want anything this year but it was too cheap to pass it up.
Round 2...

Got a bit carried away so the dash came out (before)

Nissan Alarm/Central Locklng Gone

Rest of the A/C

ABS ECU and wiring out, still got the sensors and the pump to remove (copper pipe enroute)

Under the dash after snipping various wires and removing the firewall insulation

Piles growing

As it stands.

Removed another 15.5kgs today. Just have the doors to strip down and thats free weightsaving complete. Lexan windows are next.

1" Master Cylinder, pipe and fluid have been ordered so thats next weekends job, hopefully.
Yeah, once the freeze spray arrives :)
My preference was heat gun over the spray and cleaned residue with wd40...still a shit job and in me worst job's ever.
Is this still running on the standard ecu? and please take plenty of pic's of the abs delete, i want to do mine:D
Was meant to be home this weekend but got stitched up for working. So i decided to cheer myself up with a little retail therapy.

Currently list of parts that will be waiting for me when i get home;

1" Master Cylinder
Copper pipe
5.1 fluid
Brake bias valve
Lexan sheet, dinitrol sealer, ally strip and rivets for rear windows
And hopefully an OMP steering wheel

That should make it ready to track so ill crack on with that and if its all done ill be booking a track day for sometime in august. Hopefully they'll be a curborough sprint day or something similar available.

Stay put for updates late next week.
I just done a rear lexan window tonight. Get a flappy disk and mop off the lip on the piece the window is bonded onto. Cut lexan to rough shape with a jigsaw then use a brand new flappy disk to get final shape right. Pop rivet it from the bottom centre around evenly each way and any odd bit where it's misshapen will be hidden by the spoiler I went the other way had to redo it and I had tec7 everywhere
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