N15 Track Car


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pop the steering wheel off and give it a scrub, bit of fairy liquid and a scrubbing brush will bring the suede back up nicely, i used to have the same wheel.

Heres the one from the Eunos, all that stanky hand grease and dirt...



I did intend on doing that but it appears to worn away completely so i just bolted it on. Might give it a go then if yours came up that well, not too hopeful though.
Going well buddy. Would it be an idea to mount the brake bias valve inside? You could adjust on the fly then and save getting out.
Not much point having it inside. Once its set i wont need to touch it. Plus it means making more brake lines which i cant be bothered to do.


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Something you can't do with a stock setup anyway

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Its not an F1 car Damo. Its not going to need that much adjustment! As long as the rears dont lock up first itll do for me!
Because of no control? potential to spin the car? Call me a thick cnut but i thought rear's locking is better?


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I needed one of these on my old car because the rears barely had any braking force....always a bit iffy during an MOT. I didn't really notice and braking issues on the road or track though.
Probably best doing the adjustment on some brake rollers.


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I was told by an mot chap that abs must remain, if it had it fitted from factory...^^^ proves it's a lie.
From VOSA ( and applies to ABS ):

'Modified Vehicles

Where a vehicle has been extensively modified or converted, certain
Reasons for Rejection, such as for components ‘missing where fitted as
standard’ should not be applied, for example:

a car converted for rally use (i.e. rear seats removed and fitted
with a roll cage and full harness seat belts etc.) may have been
converted so as not to require a brake servo, power steering or

a car converted to a stretch limousine may no longer be fitted
with curtain airbags or functional Electronic Stability Control.

The answer to this query therefore depends on whether this track based car
has been extensively modified as above, or simply had components removed on
a whim and a fancy.'
A 70/30 front/rear split setup should be ok. Unless you're tracking it every week and reducing lap times you probably wouldn't need to re adjust it.
From the factory cars don't have perfectly equal braking force so you'd not notice it on a 15+ year old car.

I remember years ago lowering an Xr2i and not knowing to adjust the brake bias valve.
The car thinks it's got 3 fat chicks in the back and locks the rear wheels under heavy braking.


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same with micra's have the load sensing prop valves that get all screwy when you lower the car.
Carrying on from last week. Brakes are now finished.

Only gave them a quick bleed to get fluid thru to all calipers. Will do them properly tomorrow. Pedal already feels solid compared to before, even with some air still in the system.
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