N15 Track Car

Have you tested the car with this thickness of the "windows" 0,75 mm?
We have tested and all sheets below 3mm were vibrating and producing extra noise.
Hope you'll not face this issue.
Tested? Done well over 1000miles now and they're still going strong.

Yes they vibrate quite a lot, but its a fully stripped car with no radio so headphones are worn all the time ha
After much work and wanting to keep the GTi it fucked me off once too many times. It needed even more welding, which resulted in a small fire, then i found more rot by accident.

Curse of the loden green is real.

Game over.
Not wanting to let the side down, I found a replacement, so the stripping began.

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Galv then black

'JDM' mod on the phase 1 rears

Getting high

Fairly happy with the condition of the underside. Needs some work but cleaner than most.

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