N16 1.5 QG - Interior room lamp not lighting up

Hello all,

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My N16 1.5 QG Almera has a non-working interior room lamp. The lamp does not turn on with the door or by manual switching.

I've tried looking at the fuse for it but I don't think anything is wrong there (I think it shares the same fuse with another component, I forget which one).

I've tried a replacement bulb as well and still no change.

Apparently, it is a bit more complicated system than your traditional on-off switch, involving what Nissan calls a "smart entrance control unit" in the service manual. Apparently, the control unit extends the duration the room lamp is lit in different operating conditions:

Screenshot 2022-05-14 at 23.25.28.png

Is this a common fault in N16s (non-working room lamp)? It would be nice to have a working room lamp.

Any advice appreciated.
Seems like the issue has been resolved!

It turned out to be dodgy contacts at the switch. Once I cleaned them up a bit, everything was working again.

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