N16 DCi-R


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Of all the experiences with clutches, which one is best placed is the original?
Black diamond knows if it works well ????
Is FCD2 a good option? or try to change the seat ibiza 130 hp map sensor and change the plug?

What do you think of the solution?
or try with FDC2 ??

As I said, the FCD2 does the job well enough, but it's not perfect. As to the Ibiza MAP sensor, I don't know. That would be something you would need to talk to your mapper about using.

I'd recommend Exedy OEM spec clutch. I don't have an experience with the Black Diamond one. But for an uprated disc I have the 2JR one, but yet to use it.


Addicted to Torque
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Still exists, but needs some TLC. Not moved in 3 years, except pushed around the driveway a bit. Money has gone into the Evo more recently, but had plans to sort the N16 out in 2020, until a fucking pandemic hit and I lost 75% of my work and income.


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