N16 SE

I just purchased my first Nissan, after owning many little sporty Fiats.
After changing my job with a longer commute wanted something more comfortable, safer and a little more powerful.
I was looking over some of the Nissan's, primera and almeras mostly.
Previously my dad had a 2000 1.8 N16 many years ago witch he was very fond of, then 'upgraded' to a 2004 1.5 N16 witch turned out to be totally awful compared.
So was looking for a late phase 1 with a 1.8 or 2.2, and a 3 door..
an got a 2003 1.8 3 Door SE.

Owned it a week, done just over 1000miles and totally love everything about it!
Looking forward to many more miles and hopefully going to some meets!
I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet, if anything..
Would like to get the steels painted up like yours @Witherkay.
But I think that would need to wait for the summer,
Pretty much till the summer just keep it clean and keep it running!
Got a wax today as the weather seems to be improving slightly!


Also full years MOT as of yesterday! + a new exhaust...
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