N16 SR20DE

Well as some of you know, ive been looking for an N16 for some time and i set out for a white or red sport+. But due to the lack of them around and me getting fed up, i decided to buy Freds Twister. I picked it up last saturday and ive done a couple of things so far, but i do have quite a few plans :)

Current Spec as of 10th March 2013;

Full Spec List


MS Design Front Valance, Side Skirts & Rear Spoiler
Team Dynamics ProRace 1.2 16x7J Alloys in Satin Black
Tinted Rear 3 Windows
Phase 2 Headlights
Phase 2 Rear lights
Front Foglights
Electric Mirrors
Colour Coded bumpstrips
Team Heko Wind Deflectors (thanks to the lovegod)
Snail Sticker on rear window
De-wipered rear
Tinted side repeaters
Colour coded door handles
Bosch Flat wiper blades


Subaru Impreza Driver Seat on LiamSpec rails
Grey/Red Leather Seats & Grey Leather Doorcards
Tailor Made Floor Mats
Leather Steering Wheel
Nissan Almera 'Hurricane' White Speedo Dials
Tegiwa Gearknob
Battery Relocated to Boot
Blitz R-Vit Display
3 Gauge Single DIN Pod
Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature and Boost Pressure Gauges
Innovate Digital MTX Wideband Gauge
Sony MEX-1GP Headunit


Factory Sports Springs (-10mm)
235/50 Uniroyal Rallye 440 Front Tyres & 225/40 Uniroyal Rainsport 2 Rear Tyres
LiamSpec Castor Correction Spacers
Almera Sport+ Rear Beam
Almera Sport+ Front Hubs
Energy Suspension Front Wishbone, Rear Trailing Arm & Gear Selector Poly Bushes
Alutec Front Strut Brace
LiamSpec Rear 'X' Strut Brace
Z32 4-Pot Front Calipers
DB-Power Caliper Brackets
310x30mm R34 Front Discs & Pads
Almera Sport+ Rear Calipers
Primera Rear Caliper Carriers and 278mm Discs
HEL Orange Braided Brake Lines
DOT 5.1 Fluid


Nissan Almera GTi SR20DE Engine (10:1CR)
LiamSpec Wiring Harness using NATS
Greddy E-Manage Blue with Airflow, Injector and Anti-Stall Mapping
Nissan Almera GTi RS5F32a Gearbox converted to Hydraulic Clutch
XTD Lightweight Flywheel
ACT HD Stage 3 Pressure Plate with Nissan Sentra B15 Double Sprung Clutch Disc
Nissan Almera GTi Driveshafts
Nissan Almera GTi Radiator
Energy Suspension Front and Rear Poly Engine Mounts
LiamSpec Gear Selectors
Subara Impreza STi 440cc Injectors
Nissan Pulsar Exhaust Manifold
Garrett T28 Turbo Running 15PSI Boost (at the moment)
Nissan Pulsar Actuator
Nissan Pulsar Elbow
Mumby Developments Manual Boost Controller
LiamSpec 2.5" Stainless Steel Downpipe with Innovate MTX Wideband Sensor
3" Custom Phil Catback with 5Zigen Backbox
LiamSpec Stainless Steel Intercooler Pipework (2" Hotside, 2.5" Coldside)
LiamSpec 2.5" Stainless Steel Intake Pipe
Universal 2.5" Core Intercooler - 450x230mm
Black 5-Layer Silicone Hose Joiners and Mikalor T-Bolt Clamps
HKS SPF Air Filter and MAF Adaptor (Genuwine)
SARD Adjustable FPR @ 3.8Bar
HRC 255 L P/h Fuel Pump with Inline Filter
FSE Fuel Pressure Gauge
Lambda Sensor Removed
Magnecore HT Leads
Pulsar NGK Spark Plugs 0.7mm Gap
Nisport Oil Sender Adaptor


So once id got it home, i decided to give it a clean and then some photo's so have a looksy over these :)


















Thanks for reading and updates will hopefully be coming soon!


brapp brapp!
Looks better than the white one ever did Liam !!! Nice one and I'm looking forward to seeing how the QG turns out!
P.S I prefer the P1 lights - blacken the centres! Will look EVIL!


Addicted to Torque
Staff member
It's got DCiR doors, win.

Looks lovely Liam, best P1 I've every seen, and love the colour, very jealous ;)

-mobile phone post-
Thanks guys :)

Had a little problem with the exhaust today tho... it nearly fell off!






Guess ill have to go to custom phil abit sooner!! :lol:
Cant wait for this to all happen as im doing similar but turbo just need to find a bargain like you lol need engine
Ive bodged it back on temporarily, but the green sport+ has a brand new catback, so when i swap the engines over, ill swap the zorst too. Then it'll be custom phil time... after the many other things i have to pay for... :S damn im gonna be poor this year!
:( i miss it kinda wish i still had it, instead of this hyundia coupe se shit :(

good luck liam cant wait to see it in person again fella :)
oh and when did the sub blow i loved that thing it was loud :lol: and are sure its blown and not the earth came away from the body??
Nice one Liam, good to see you back in a decent car ;)

I'm really looking forward to seeing how this progresses mate as your plans are golden!

:lol: didnt know there was cable ties until i seen the photos mate and they look quite new ones aswell ;)

That rear section is exactly how I got it from you Mark, I never got round to sorting it out.

And I`m pretty sure you`ve seen the pics of it on my facebook, in fact, I KNOW you have, as you`ve commented on some of them! :roll:

The garage that mot`d it fitted the oem mani & brand new downpipe for me, so don`t know if they fiddled with the cable ties or not, as the only thing I did after I got it back was have a quick glance under it & tighten a mani bolt that had come loose, then I covered it up & it didn`t move until Liam picked it up 2 or 3 days later.

Look after her Liam, I already miss her! :(

As I said when you picked her up, that front end looks evil when it`s in your mirror. :)
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