N16 vvt pulley question .

Discussion in 'Newbie Section' started by Dooroy, May 14, 2019.

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    Mk 3 saloon
    I am in the process of changing the timing chain on a 2007 Almera .
    The timing chain has been removed but I'm unsure as to how to reset/lock the vvt pulley on the intake camshaft.
    The pulley has some 'free' travel at the moment .
    If I turn the pulley clockwise (looking in from the wing) while holding the camshaft and applying air pressure to the port in the head the cam seems to lock .
    Is this where I should have it for refitting the chain ?
    A friend in the trade sent me some info - but this mentioned 'locking ' before removing the chain ;
    but I had the chain removed when I got this info. And despite much searching I have been unable to find out what to do in this situation . It mentioned hearing a click - but I can't hear any click.
    Any help/advice greatly appreciated .
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