NATS making me nuts!

Hello fellows!

I have had this problem now for 2 months so I would reeeeally like to get a solution for it.

So the car is -99 N15 Almera 1.6 SR.

Gives fault codes 141, 142, 143 and 146.

Started and shut off immediately.
Then flashed engine light.

I have tried other key reader or whatever it is. Checked all fuses and all that stuff. With no help.

Seems that nats shuts off injection, since it does get spark and fuel after fuel filter and cranks, but doesnt start.

What does help?
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10k members and nobody ever had this problem or you just don't want to answer?
If it's the thing like in all other forums that "like why should I tell a guy who has one post" blablabla. Well that's the problem why I joined the forum...

I can prove that I am trying to steal my own car and not someone else's.
You don't have to answer here, you can PM me too, I don't care, I just want the car to run.
unfortunately the forum just doesnt have the traffic it once used to, you're about 5 years too late.

Social media has killed forums, try asking on the Facebook groups.
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