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My name is Tony and I purchased the fully loaded Almera AVE (2004 - N16 - 1.5 petrol) about 2 years ago.
I used to have a 1.4 Polo estate which was my 'run around' for many years, until the dreaded tin worm found it's way in and decimated the floor pan, so it was bye bye Polo.
It was then time to look around for a reliable replacement, I did some research and came upon the possibility of an Almera.

The one I ended up buying had been owned an elderly couple who had kept it for many years and had meticulously serviced each year.
So I have in my possession, a full service history 95k mile Almera, which needed a new exhaust system, discs & pads all round and the A/C condenser replacing and a re-gas.
As well as the above work, I also changed the engine oil & filter, changed the brake & clutch fluid, coolant, air filter and pollen filter.

It's been ultra reliable and gives me no grief at all. Plus I can load it up with camping gear, or indeed anything else that I need to transport around.
My son's car mad mates just love the Almera, as it has the 'street cred' of having the original dealers window stickers it came with from new and has the original spare wheel with the small rubber cast marks that stick out from the tyre's tread ...... So it's a very well accepted car among their BMWs, Golfs and Alfas.
Not too shabby eh?

Absolutely everything works but I am having a few niggles with the central information and sat-nav display, although I will start a new post on that.
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