New member JN15 Vzr Airbag light help

How's things fellow nissan heads, Recently bought my 2nd pulsar vzr, getting so rare these days I had to have it, plus my first one I was 19 and couldn't get insured haha. 23 now and what do you know it's actually cheaper to insure then a few other things So she went in for the nct last month and failed on the high idle lambda (just the high idle the Co was way low and the hydrocarbons and the low idle lambda. Turned out the be hole in exhaust so got a fuji cat back and and a drop of magical diptane and she was all good on the re test. They also failed me on the airbag light. She came into the country with a momo wheel and the airbag light I think was tapped into trough the ecu and turned off permanently as I got a standard wheel and still no light. I had the clocks out and I can't get to the light as some of you may already know. So does this mean I need to connect her upto a Nissan consult or something like that?
Thanks in advance for an advice.
Hi Guys,
I took my aunts 2007 Almera SXE in for a test this morning. They failed it on the airbag light. It is lighting up and going out as it should when started but the light in the dash is vey faint and hard to see. I tried changing the bulb and tried a reset but it hasn't helped.
Any advice would be great!!!!!!
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