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Discussion in 'Newbie Section' started by Jason Parks, Feb 20, 2019.

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    Hi all, great forum by the way!
    Just bought myself a 2004 Almera 2.2 DCI SXE, mileage 44k, the guy has changed oil, filter etc himself at home, fair bit of history with the motor.

    I'm pretty much a noob with cars, but feel a project coming on with this Almera. My first thoughts are to give the enginee some TLC, I've searched the forum and found several things I'd like to do, at home, as a DIY project.

    Oil + Filter change - Found the oil to use on forum

    Fuel Filter - necessary?

    Clean MAF (Mass Air Flow sensor)

    Also thinking about changing the air filter - any suggestions?

    I have already researched the airbag light flashing, will check all connections under the seats as well as perform the reset procedure here

    Sorry if this information has been posted before!

    Thanks very much!

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