Hello one and all. I must be the oldest member on here at 52 - i have just picked you my first Almera GTI and i wish i had done it earlier - I have recently (Sept 15) been to the JAE in Newark and loved it. My first JAE was at Peterborough show arena. I drove to Bradford to collect the car and drove back to Northants, then the next day down to Devon, then to london, So a stack of mile, and not once did i have any issues with the car... LOVIN IT
I will be looking to attend as many car meets as there is in the and around the country to have a laugh and learn as much as i can about the Almera.
Welcome to the Club Matey...

Age is nothing but a number ;) ... As long as you ain't as rusty as your Almera your all gud. :p
;) Would like to think i wasn't - Believe it or not, my almera isn't in that bad nick. i have looked at the most obvious places that they rust and there are early signs, but have treated area and looking to have t all plated up. :oops: I want to get it all sorted before the winter. and want it looking nice for the car shows/meets that i hope to go to around the country.
I think your 5 mins of fame of being the oldest member went out of the window lol, soon after you joinged a 54 year old gentleman joined to hehe. :D

As long as thier not that bad and you see to them soon, should keep you going for another lifetime (or another 52 years :p:p:p sorry couldn't help myself)
:):) My claim to fame... :)
With the time i have been driving cars, this is the only car i have had that makes me smile as much as it does. It's as though i have gone back to my youth, as a couple of work mate call me a "boy racer" - So be it, i don't mind at all. It's the looks i get and questions i am asked - "what is it" "whats under the bonnet" and so on. and comment as "NICE CAR" this just make me smile - :cool::cool::) can't wait to get it sorted and visit others at meet ups etc. that i hope feel the same as i do. ( and i have only had the car a week). I have fitted my replacement seats, but just need a bit of a clean... so all good.


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just make me smile - :cool::cool::) can't wait to get it sorted and visit others at meet ups etc. that i hope feel the same as i do.

Your in the right club, who feel the same as you so no worries there. ;)

I remeber a bloke on my St had a 92 Corolla Gti, he used to get teased about going through a late mid life crisis as he was 55 at the time.
Those seats are different. Which car have those come out of?
No too sure i bought them from a chap that had them in his Almera, but has some different ones, so swapped them over. I need to find some leather to match so i can make some covers for the back seats, as well as the door cards, as to make it all match up.
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