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Hi guys,

Just bought a 2003 N16 1.5Dci Almera. Am actually based in Poland, so have a left hand steering.

One issue I'm facing is that some of the buttons on the integrated radio/air-con panel are rather worn and don't work too well. The CD player also doesn't work at all.

Now, in Poland they're big fans of spares and salvage etc. so I've found quite a few options of buying a replacement panel and radio/CD player unit from another Almera. My question is whether I can 'upgrade' the stereo.

At the moment, I have a basic CD player radio unit with the basic screen at the top. I've found a unit which has the Sat-Nav and DVD player and I'm just not sure whether I'll have the wiring and compatibility in the back to install the more advanced system. Any ideas?

I've thought about going for an after-market stereo, but would rather avoid the hassle of having to re-do the whole control panel for the air-con etc.

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Very tricky, just as you point out with everything integrated it makes it difficult to change anything.

You can use things like the X-Car Link for playing other music sources through the stereo, or if you don't have the Sat Nav then you can wire in a headunit in the glovebox or cubby hole below the CD drive.

Other than that you could convert back to the phase 1 design controls. This is what I am doing so I will have manual heater controls, no Sat Nav, no screen, but will allow me to then put in an aftermarket head unit. I will do doing this soon and will post up how it can be done. It's actually quite simple once you study the FSM for where the wires go. There are many similarities between the phases.


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I believe they mean putting in an aftermarket headunit.
Hey guys,

Thanks for getting back to me. Let me clarify, I currently have an OEM installed similar to this one here. Its a basic CD/radio player, but as I said, the CD player doesn't work and some of the buttons have worn down so they don't work very well. I've found this one here, which is the same fitting physically, but as you'll see has SatNav and DVD player.

My question is whether the wiring at the back of mine currently would be compatible and work with the 'upgraded' version.

Hope that makes sense.




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Ah I see, no it's different. With the audition of the Sat Nav the wiring loom is different, and also the controls are different.
I had a feeling that would be the case! Bugger! Oh well, I may well sit it out then and wait for your guide edk. I've got a 1996 Audi A3 with a new aftermarket Sony stereo that I might just hold on to when I sell the Audi then. Have you got any guide on how to remove the current front panel? Have found a few offerings of the same as what I have now as well for a lot cheaper too, so am also willing to consider exchanging like for like.


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Yeah there should be a post that covers how to remove the dash, it's quite simple :)
If the wiring in the dash is anything like the similar models it supposed to have:

FR+ and FR-
FL+ and FL-
RR+ and RR-
RL+ and RL-

Like I said, its an IF. I'm not sure much has changed from the previous models to the one I have. My sisters Nissan b15 sentra had somwhat of the same wiring as mine and I dont have the wiring code on me right now or access to it.
I think there is one for the antenna as well.

You have any idea what the harness for the upgrade looks like? If it has rca outputs and support for external equipment it supposed to have another wire for the remote turn on as well. I cant get the pages you posted translated from here at work, the firewall strikes again.


got through to a link here:

should give you an idea of whats inside your dash. Looks like our network is slowly becoming functional again.
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