Really Struggling for Rear Axle control arm N16 1.5... Help

Hi folks over five hours spent calling so many dozens of places
Does anyone have or know of a Rear Axle Control Arm part no: 55130P
(55501 55130)
It's the big unusually shaped bit that sits on the middle of the rear beam/axle..
There ain't a left or right, it sits centrally, ours is rotten, Nissan don't do them, and asked about a dozen scrapyards so far to no avail, new would be best, but would be very happy to locate a 2nd hand one, via you have please let me know
Mine is a 2005 Almera 1.5 petrol..
She is upset cos she thinks we might have to scrapie if I can't get :(
Thanks for any help suggestions or info
Correct part number is probably 55130-BM400 if that helps.

I checked Amayama (they sell OEM Nissan stuff) but they only list the bushings for the lateral link.

I guess a donor car is the next best option if scrapyards don't have it.
Yes that's very kind, thankyou..
Every new part place says the same, likely somewhere will have them on a shelf, here or abroad, quite where I don't know..
Today it seems I have three offers of 2nd hand part, after probably seven hours of constant searching..
Kind Regards
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