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Discussion in 'Other Almera Discussion' started by JT101, Feb 13, 2019 at 3:34 PM.

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    Nissan Almera 2005
    Spent quite a bit of time reading the forums and what issues I might face, so really I'm just checking I'm on the correct path here and haven't missed anything.

    Brilliant guide:

    This applies directly to my 2005 petrol 5DR 1.5L Almera with integrated climate control.

    Of course I'm tackling it now and technology has moved on but hopefully the same rules apply.

    Have been looking at something like the jvc kd-x352bt

    I don't need a cd player anymore, but do need bluetooth. I have checked the dimensions, and looks like it will fit.

    So it seems to come supplied with an ISO cable, which as in the guide, I willl cut off the connector and just wire into my Almera's wiring.

    Am I missing anything, or should this work in theory?

    One odd thing I noticed. I removed the CD player and my climate control still works perfectly. Gotta be a good thing right
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