Ride Height

After changing front coil springs to OEM KYB made springs my N15 is riding really high at the front even after letting them set in for the best part of 1K miles. uploadfromtaptalk1435130939987.jpg

Anybody else experienced similar problems? Or are almeras just much higher at the front?


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Phase 2 front springs are shorter than phase 1, and phase 2 front dampers have a higher sitting lower spring seat than phase 1. With this in mind you must have a mix of springs and shocks resulting in 4x4 ride height.
What was wrong with the p1 springs you had fitted?
Maybe the dampers have been changed in the past to p1?
*Thread revival* If anyone is still interested in this turned out the easiest solution to 4x4 ride height was to just drop it 40mm. (apears lower in pic because of uneven ground) Was totaly worth it as now it sits great and handles better with the new springs.
Thanks for all the advice given.


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