Rough idle stalling

Chain was done at 163k and 166k on her now,is it really possible for a chain to stretch that quick?
There is no hesitation in acceleration or does the rpm fluctuate up and down,it's as if she ain't getting enough air/petrol
Oh yea,my mechanic couldn't do the re-learn procedure but we did adjust the throttle body control module and the accelerator cable also sprayed a heap of air intake cleaner into her,made a bit of difference but she still cuts out at traffics lights but not as much [emoji36]

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N16's fuel filter is integrated to the fuel pump, so there is an fuel filter but it's meant to 'last the car's expected lifespan', if you want to change it you must take the fuel tank out and when it's off, the fuel pump and change the fuel filter, though i'd change the fuel pump also in that case, wouldn't need to take the fuel tank off another time then.

If you're going to do that, then you must remember not to try to start the engine first of all, without the fuel tank, and when the fuel tank is back on, without fuel in it, if the fuel pump runs too much air through it, it's a dead fuel pump.

Also driving till there's only a minimal amount of fuel on the bottom of fuel tank is recommended, will help taking it off since the fuel tank is 60 liter one, the fuel tank itself weights maybe 5-10 kilos but the 60 liters of fuel would be quite a lot extra to that, so the lesser you got fuel in there the less it weights and the less mess you'll make.

Remember that if you're not sure of where the problem is, taking off the fuel tank is about 1 day of work, the parts you need are about 3-400€ and you'll need approx another day to put it back, if you do it alone that is, so before you try that out you should check all other 'possibilities' that are easier to reach, for example to make sure engine gets fuel you could take the injectors out, put them into 4 bottles and try to start the engine, if the injectors ain't shooting fuel much, you should first try an fuel system cleaner from Forte or such, drive one full tank 'empty' and then check again, if still not working as it should, then it's somewhere 'deeper' in the fuel system, thus fuel pump or fuel filter is possible cause, nothing lasts forever.
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Hello all,

I'm having the exact same problem for 2 years now..damn! Its getting worse everyday. Did you found out what it was?
I'm having the same problem and my local dealer said it was probably chain stretch (105000 miles done). So I've booked for this to be fixed (through a local guy as the dealer wanted nearly £1000 - I'm paying £450 inc parts). I'm told this is a common problem at this age / mileage.


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It's a very common problem, and unless genuine parts are used people have had pattern kits fail again within a few thousand miles...

With the price of the cars you have to weigh up if it's worth the cost of replacement.
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