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Welcome back to the AOC!

I can only apologise for the length of downtime we have had, but the site was a mess and it has taken a lot to get it back to what we have today.

Basically, a failed software update took out the whole server, losing our database in the process. We had a mostly-complete backup but with some very important parts missing, mainly the users and the threads.

For this, we had to use a backup from 2010 to get what users and thread records back we could, which is where we are now. Huge thanks goes out to Jake from Xenforo Community for assisting us with this and also James.

We still have all posts & threads up to the day of the crash, but they aren't assigned to a forum and have lost their thread names (there is around 8500 of these at the moment). This pot of threads will be worked on as and when the mods and admin can, but it will take a while.

As for users, anyone who registered after early 2010 will need to re-register. We can then match you back up with your PM's and posts and it will be like you were never deleted! Please note this isn't a 5 minute job and you may have to wait a couple for days for this to happen.

As a gesture of goodwill, I have extended all active members by 3 months. I have a list of people who have paid in the last year and upgraded everyone who I can trace.

Anyone who needs to re-register also need to contact me with their email address so I can upgrade you manually.

NPOC Members: I think you know the score by now but please check the thread below;

Again, apologies for this but I'm glad to have the forum back online finally.

Any issues with the forum please post in here, any issues with your individual account I would prefer over PM so I can track it better.


Its nice to have the forum proper back again.

Thanks & well done to all involved. . . . . . . . now to find my For Sale thread o_O



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To everyone who has PMd me so far, I will be working through them this evening.


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Likes are being a right bitch at the moment. They're all still in the database, however I can't seem to get the system to re-use them.

Feedback, let me look into it!
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