spotted at japshow 08

-2 black P2 gti's (i think, one with white gti alloys) in public camping
-red P2 gti in public parking on my way out this afternoon
-red P1 (dunno what spec, i was a fair distance away, had a spoiler) parked opposite the drift arena next to the track
-trop green P2 gti, 17's, lowered and tints, with non gti headlights on UKSC stand.....
-arctic blue P1 gti (thinks gti - ran 16.8 down the strip)

any takers?
Quite a turnout the Gtis there. Show good was it?

yesterday was wet and muddy. today was sunny and windy. im a mess. hot, cold and burnt.

worth it for some mad machinery though, Project GTsT is SICK as FOOK, the pro class was awesome. i was knackered though so decided to leave when me mate O G did, bout 2 pm. will check the results later.

also spotted was a bloke i know locally who works for snap-on, who has just imported to sell on, a GENUINE nismo 'march' (micra to us UKDMers) challenge car, supposed to be about 170bhp on av-gas, nismo everything. revs to 10k, its absoloutely mental. ran 15.1 this morning with mucho wheelspin, still 1300cc's as well :D

all in all it was a good weekend!
no doubt it will be on msc or youtube soon. i got one vid on me phone from last night but it was wanky quality and i cant link my phone to a pc anyway :/

it was indeed mental. another reason next to little bandit to like micras :D
hello , i was at the jap show with peagti we both have black almeras mine was the gti and peas was the black sri with white wheels .
i think i spotted you . i did see the other almeras too and was going to put a spotted post up.

i was going to walk round and speak to the other almera owners on sat but the weather was horrid and today we went and looked around but never seen any of them . was a mint weekend dispite weather .
yeah, was good, our club fight through the weather every show we do anyway so didnt affect us too much :D (JAE2006 anyone?! :D )
You didn't spot me either. Black P1 Gti in public parking. I saw a green PH2 GTi coming out of a stand in the pit area. Had split 17's by the looks of it.



brapp brapp!
None of you saw me this year as I had work :(
I remember last year someone posted a picture of my car in the fire up lane, completely standard haha.
JapShow is brilliant!

Was the drifting any good Tommo?


brapp brapp!
Yeah I know, I go to the monthly drift what ya brung days down there with my mate, who incidentally was drifting at JapShow on saturday.

I think its amazing, and I've tried myself, drifting is proper skilled!
Couldn't hold a drift for very long at all haha, its well scary!


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Mine might be one of the spotted cars. I have owned different almera's for years and never bin bloody spotted so when i went to the show on Sunday i drove round the massive field for ages until i could fined a good place for it to get spotted lol

My red phase 2 GTI was next to the fencing seperating the field to the exit road so anyone driving or walking down the exit road will have seen it.

Two cars up from mine was another red GTI reg number- S69 V**

Thought the show was average to be honest, just full of cars you've seen thousands of times before with nothing really original or different there. Just Skylines, Supra's, Evo's and Subaru's really all with the same sort of mods
My mate goes to all the drift what you brungs at the pod. He's known as chunk. You might have seen him. He has a Skyline 4 door. He was there with me sunday and we were doing some skids in various peoples cars.

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