Spotted Fossil fuels

Pretty sure it was him, well looked like some thing he'd drive [emoji12]

jeez i would feel a right cnut driving with that spoiler on the back it loook's proper shit!.

I take it you never gave it some bean's pel past him lol
No i was too scared to, just incase it flew back passed me, wouldn't be able to live with myself if that happened
Not actually sure it could look worse, the gold bump strips looked to have some form of tribal markings on them
He's changed mate.

Actually he hasn't as I spent 8 hours today welding new back boxes onto his new Lexus GS. He neglected to tell me they originally came off a Corsa (hence 8 hours and not 2). I did however manage to persuade him to remove the spark plugs that someone had welded directly to the tailpipes.:eek:
I'm surprised that he's scrapping the is, would have thought he'd have loads of people wanting to buy that
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