Styling for Nissan Almera N15

Stickey? Styling for Nissan Almera N15

In this post I will post a lot of links to where tp buy styling, I have searced the forum and it's a lot of q's about it, every newbie does that. pics:
Paying members of the club getts 10% discount when buying here. Pics: almera n15 frontstossstange race -look.jpg almera n15 frontstossstange s2000 -look.jpg almera n15 heckstossstange modena -look.jpg almera n15 seitenschweller m-look.jpg almera n15 seitenschweller race-look.jpg Pics: Pics: Pics:
(Remember that this is not the Jap tuning kit.) Pics: Pics: Pics (check out their gallery):

DIV (lightbrovs, roof spoilers):

EDIT: 1.06.06:
The most ugly kit ever:

Just found theese:

Theese are mostly the same:

EDIT 1.08.06:
they got a lot of nice kitts, and a lot of nice add-ons like mirrors etc.

cheers :)
there are a huge amout of links i don't remember, but i remenber some sites, so everyone, post the links here, and will make this a stickey.. ?
*X-struct brace for nissan pulsar N15/N16

Short Shift:


That front splitter looks awesome, its very close to the GTi one but slightly different, i've emailed their UK importer for a price on it, could be a good replacement for people like myself who have smashed their original.

Edit: Ok, the UK importers email address doesnt work. Will see about one of the other euro ones.
front grill!!

Hi guys, I'm fairly new at all this... Just want to say thanks for all the links!!

Does anybody have anything for changing the frong grill?

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