Sweet N16: QG18DE --> SR20DET --> SR20VET

-Trim / Year:
Almera N16 MY 2005

Car was built with my own hands and with big help of my friends - I'm very grateful and in beginning I want to give big THANKS!

Enjoy this topic :)

Short story:
Car was picked up as new from Nissan dealership in Poland, since then is in my hands.
After 3 years (warranty time) QG18 start to have big problems with oil starvation and engine soon turn into piece of sh.. ;)
In beginning car was equipped with QG18DE from factory, next was SR20DET and finally I put fully forged SR20VE with existing turbo setup from DET with small modifications.

Turbo Garrett GTX2867 Ar 0.63 (T25 Plus Turbine Housing. Flows like a full T3 turbine housing with a T25 inlet flange)
External wastegate Tial MV-S
Clutch ACT XT-G6
L.S.D. Quaife
Exhaust 2,5” stainless (custom El-tec)
3" intake (SSG)
3" elbow and downpipe (SSG)
FMIC with piping as big as I can carry without destructing front bumper (custom)
Fuel pump Walbro 255
Spark plugs NGK Iridium
Injectors 550cc
Nismo fuel pressure regulator
BOV HKS SSQV2 (recirculated)
Air filter AEM with Apex'i adapter
External oil cooler with theromstat and relocation (MOCAL)
Radiator hoses Mishimoto

-Engine management and electronics:

Nistune + APEXi AVCR - ecu-tune.pl
MAP Sensor Motorola
MAF from Z32
Turbo Timer HKS


Front brakes Nissana Skyline R33 GTS-T 296mm (4-pot, alloy)
Brake master cylinder Z32
Braided brake lines front/rear Goodridge
Koni Kit Yellow (shocks Koni + springs H&R) -30mm, dumping adjustable
Lower strut bars front/rear Eibach
Hard engine mounts: polyurethane
Upper strut bar Ultra Racing

-Other mods:

Rims 7x16" Ultralite G-Spec
Spacers 10mm
- boost, oil temp, EGT, oil press (STRI)
- AFR (Innovate MTX-L)
Front seats 350z
OEM Bodykit


After mods (SR20DET): 312HP & 400Nm on crank
After mods (SR20VET): ???


Watson, JMJ Logistics (Jerzy Jaworski), Nissan Jaworski-Gajewski (Bartosz Jaworski), Chester (http://ecu-tune.pl)

After 4 years, I take a next step and switch engine to fresh builded SR20VE-T with forged internals (Manley, CP, ACL, ARP). Yesterday was first start of engine. After break-in we will see what can afford this setup ;)
I put also some changes in suspension/braking since new engine was build up.
Brakes: 350z rotors with 911 Porsche calipers - yellow powdercoated
Rims: 7x17 OZ Superleggera - gold bronze powdercoated
Suspension: all stock bushings replaced with custom polyurethane with aluminium alloy carriers - http://unitracing.pl/

Yesterday was first start :)

After 500km I found some time to take some pics

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Thanks all of you for good word :)

Generally few months ago I sourced cams from stock x-trail gt vet cams. They have much more better timing and lift for boost than stock VE - they are already dropped in.

Shifter bushings also need to be upgraded. It's a lot stiffer but gears goes smooth and much more precise.

Thanks ;)
My project is a little never ending story :D Everytime I think it's finished, I'm found another place where I can provide some improvements. Now I'm waiting for bump steer kit and RCK from 2JR ;)

About competition. I was in september on a little track drive. I was on Mazda meeting but was many cars different makers, such as Opel/Vauxhall (Speedster), Subaru (Impreza), Renault (Megane RS). Wheather was nice, a little to hot - slick grips like hell. I get nice score in single drive: 4th time in general and first in FWD class of the day. In front was 2 Speedsters and RX8 with swapped K20 (Honda) engine with supercharger. So it's not bad for just an Almera :D Getting score on Impreza is for me just right ;)

Shifter bushings also need to be upgraded. It's a lot stiffer but gears goes smooth and much more precise.

Where did you get these from?
The Custom Steel bracket/bushing from the USA isn't available anymore.
This looks like a decent replacement.
vvl- ma jeszcze ten extra dźwięk pompy oleju co jak kompresor słychać ,ja już vvl-a dobry rok upalam tylko w n15 i cały czas mnie o gęsią skórke przyprawia :)
Moja pompa nie pracuje głośno ;) może masz coś z rotorem? :p

Myślę, że warto uszanować innych użytkowników forum i pisać w zrozumiałym dla nich języku - keep in english, it's not our polish backyard ;)
For me it's working smooth and quiet as any other SR pump. This sound is rather coming from cams and solid lifters ;)
Nice project! Was it hard getting SR20VE motor in Poland? I'm myself from neighboring Lithuania and thinking of n15 SR20VE project, although the main problem is sourcing the engine itself.
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