Syv's N16 2.2 dCi daily-project

So today's my lucky day, just purchased 2004-02 reg N16 dci 136, moderately low mileage (120,000 kms on the clock). Runs great, feels great, even got some extras - decent sound system, fairly decorated interior, window tint, crappy spoiler and lowering springs with some sort of 17" wheels on them. Summer tires in winter - wasn't best experience driving it home.

Definitely have some plans for this one, sorting out all diagnostics now, hoping not to find too much trouble. And here's the mod list..

Engine & Mechanical:
Fantastic4Garage custom 2.5" stainless downpipe.
Powerflow 2.5" mandrel bent stainless exhaust pipes.
Magnaflow Performance (10416) 2.5" stainless midbox.
Remanucatured OEM GT1849V Turbo (Turbosystems).
HKS filter panel.
Updated SCV (OEM).

Handling & Suspension:
16x7 ET38 Teamdynamics pro race 1.2
Continental ContiVikingContact 3 205/50
17x8 ET35 Rota Grids
Continental ContiSportContact 3 215/40
Meister R Zeta-R coilovers (SR 7/6)
2JR Nismo Short Throw Shifter
15mm hubcentric spacers on the rear

NIssan Sport+/SXE OEM spoiler.
Nissan Sport+/SXE skirts.
Black window tint.
Smoked repeaters.
Cupra-R lip.
Heko wind deflectors.

additional lighting in the trunk and door panels.
12 inch Kenwood subwoofer, Spectron audio amplifier with additional speakers in the front.
Optional Nissan OEM spoiler
17x8 Alurad Phoenix Alloys
3.5" Exhaust tip
WEITEC F-Series 30mm lowering springs
Turbo-back 2.25" custom exhaust with Magnaflow backbox.



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Clean example. Wheels work quite well actually, and that spoiler is a Nissan factory option spoiler but yeah I'm not that keen either.

Think I might have to get tints...
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It will look like a van, I had them overide the Dartford toll thinking I was a van the other day
plans for now.. well, have to sort this thing out, haven't got any stereo setup in previous cars. Looks scary :D
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Blimey will weigh loads! Get it out of there.

It will look like a van, I had them overide the Dartford toll thinking I was a van the other day
Yeah but yours are stupid dark. I'd get light smoke.
cheers, spend this morning thinking where to go with all this sound installations, options are to get it done professionally (would cost a bunch) or strip it down leaving door speakers ,etc. Right now it seems that sub wasn't meant to be used for its purpose, speakers are just too quite and the bass is overtaking other sounds, which leads in quality like shit. Considering the weight it has given, throwing it out seems like a positive thing to do.

looking for winter wheels now, at the moment car is kind of grounded. Also updated first post with some additional info.
Got the tires finally, these are continental viking contact 3 205/50/16. Pretty satisfied with the performance, no more abs kicking on the foot:D
I was a bit afraid that Team dynamics pro race 1.2 won't fit the overall looks, but black on black seems to be the right choice for now.

Had some thoughts about offsets, these R16 are et38 and looks like there isn't much more space for bigger offsets, I remember reading edk's type c's got et30 on the front or something like that, might think of rolling my arches in the future..
Hey there, little update. Got the car serviced, filters, oil, brake fluid, etc changed. Obd sadly showed suction valve error, explains rough idle issues I've been having on cold temps. That will be replaced in coming week.

Also found out that my 17" wheels do have 35mm offset, which I believe wouldn't fit stock arches, conclusion - arches already have been rolled?

And few proper pics of the winter season looks, had to wait for sunny day, not a common thing these days.

The thing with wheel fitment is its not just one figure that means whether it'll work or not. Tyre profile/width makes a difference too.

yeah, enlighten me on this one Ed, 17x8 wheel with 215/40 tires, 35mm lowering springs, offset 35mm. Arches rolled or not?:)
Not, especially looking at ride height/arch to tyre clearance. If you had 215/45 tyres then it would be very close and probably rub on while cornering. Or if the wheels were ET30 rather than ET35 you might have a problem.
a bloke over here is running 16x7 with 225/40-16 ET40 without issues.

I'm running 225/40-18 ET42 on 18x7.5 and the only issues I have is very slight scrubbing on the rear bumper bar mount on huge bumps. I'll be looking into other methods of mounting the rear bar.
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