west mids meet pics 23/8/08

just a few i took, bang em in here if you got some :)

just slip these in, polished friday night ;)

star city

Good to see NPOC in attendance too! :cool:

Whos is the red GTi next to yours Tom :confused: those alloys are SWEET! :cool:

EDIT: Is it just the pics, or has Stu got a mahoosive dent in his rear quarter panel? :eek:
yeah a good turn out, was a excelent day out, yeah almera guy that is a dent in the rear quarter, a old twat drove into me on a roundabout, still going through the insurance, :rolleyes:
great meet lads, absolutly loved the tunnel run :D
nice pics, cars looking good....and good to see joint aoc and npoc meets making a comeback...be good to have more and bigger ones of these
tommo that car is amazing, everytime i see it i wish id kept mine and got the skirts etc, remember seeing yours when it was virtually standard, its like a different car now and everything works so well.

looks like a good meet, really need to get to some but its either work every hour i can get or not have the car, stupid situation but worth it for the car without a doubt.


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Good turn out lads, cars looking good :thumb: Sorry I couldnt be there :/
Damn what a great turn out. I'll have to make an effort and get the Autech to the next one, some great looking cars there!
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