Where is the wiring for the rear speakers

I really want to fit rear speakers to my n15 sedan. But the car didn't come with rear speakers. So there is no hole i the parcel shelf and looking from the boot there is no speaker wire insight.

So I went up to the radio and looked at cables behind there and there is a set of 4 wires that goes to the rear speakers.
Now I just need to know where these wires are hidden in the car. Does anyone know that??

Another question: I can see that under the parcel shelf there is 2 big round holes in the metal for speakers and 4 small holes for the screws. Looks like 17 cm speaker holes, they're not oval. So does that mean I just need to cut two 17cm holes in the parcel shelf and that should do the trick?
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I've never heard of one not having rear speakers! I'd bet the wires are in at the sides of the boot close to the back of the rear seats as that's were the wires come through normally.

I'm not sure about the holes you're talking about but I'd say just go for it, just screw the speakers in metal like this.
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