A little something to keep me busy

It certainly did the little bastard.

So thats the drivers side almost ready for an attempt at an outer sill. Just a couple of bits left to do on the front inner arch and a floor support bracket to go.

Gonna get some 0.8mm sheet for attempting the outer sill. Should be a little easier to work with.
I hate cuts with the grinder. They take ages to heal, especially on the knuckle.
You'll be fine with 0.8. That's OE thickness anyway.
Thats the driverside all ready for an outersill, rear and passenger side are now rust free. Made a decent amount of progress this last week. Roll on summer leave so I can attack the front end.

20150413_154338.jpg 20150413_154345.jpg 20150413_154402.jpg 20150413_154415.jpg
Been a while. Thought id start stripping the front end down.

Insides didnt look great :/

Engine and box came out too easy

More gunk in the water system

The money shot

The aftermath

Been a very busy day, i cant believe how much stuff is bolted onto the Rotary. It didnt stand a chance of working for any period of time. The amount of valves, actuators amd vacuum pipework on it was mind blowing!

Will be taking the vitals to my mates to shotblast at the weekend, then paint and assemble into something more useful.

Thats all folks


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Im getting quite good at cutting and welding now. The GTi was really easy today. Think ill attack the mazda on tuesday/wednesday.
Nice one, keep it up! Great to see restoration rather than more scrapping
We've got 2 shot blasting units at work....I need to pull my finger out and use them really :/ haha

I actually have a Twin exhaust and some shocks with Gmax lowering springs for one of these since i sold my T2.

Yours for cheap if you collect
Liam,how long did it take you to shotblast the bits shown above?

I've been thinking about getting a shot blaster for a while now.
Sam. Will be getting coilovers and making a custom exhaust to suit the V8!! :D

Shotblasting took about an hour and a half, but i had a lot to do. Need a big compressor as my mates couldnt keep up.
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