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As of today, there will no longer be a membership option on the AOC.

I have considered this a few times in the recent past, mainly down to how people interact with car clubs and forums. The vast majority of club activity is now on Facebook and the forum does not get as busy as it once was.

To hide the wealth of information behind a paywall doesn't really make much sense, opening up years of posts to search/Google will hopefully help people finding issues with their cars and who knows, maybe activity will pick up.

The forum will stay open and is still open for people to use/post etc. I am also opening up the FSM downloads, these are in 'Resources' at the top. The Members Lounge, Group Buy and AOC Discount sections have been hidden from view.

Anyone who has paid membership/renewed in 2016 will be getting an automatic refund, anyone who also wants a refund from the last 12 months, please contact me via PM.

So, thank you to everyone who has contributed to the club over the past 15-ish years(!), there is a lot of information contained within this forum and hopefully that will help people in the future.

Hmmm, perhaps we could have a contribution pot like a 'donate' option instead?
I'm happy to continue paying, even if it's optional. Met many nice like-minded people here.
I think it's the wrong decision but I do understand the benefits.

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I will probably add a donate option for people to contribute to hosting costs etc. at their own discretion, but I think the world has moved on from memberships etc. and most people do not want to pay for information, rightly or wrongly!
Gutting to hear this but it's understand. I know I'm new here but you guys seem to an amazing group of people, will the stickers from AOC ever be available or they just none exist no more as I was planning on paying for the membership soon.
Thanks Conor.
It'd be interesting to get a possibility of buying one of the stickers though, not really caring if it was "overpriced" for a sticker but that could be useful way of making the donations give something to the person who donated too, for example i'd be willing to pay for the sticker.

Then again, the ones who got their AOC stickers on their cars can be seen as the old members, the "OG" if you can call them that, then there's us plebs who never had that capability/extra cash back when memberships were available.
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