Asaptive lights priblwm

Hi guys
I have nissan almeea accenta 2003
I have a priblem whith adaptive lights when j try to change light position fron 0 to 2 or 3 or 4 left light change its position as normal but the right one dosent change igs position its freezed on position 1 and because of that i got red card for controrl technik of the car .
Any idea whag to do whith this issue?
So the height adjustment does not work?

Most probably seized or broken adjustment motor in the headlight. Have someone turn the height adjustment knob and try listening if there's any sounds at the stuck headlight. If there's noise but no movement, most likely stripped gears or broken linkages.

It could be an electrical issue too, so I'd rule that out first. Should be a 3-pin connector at the headlamp for the adjustment motor. Middle pin is control signal, the edges are power and ground. Figure out which is which with a multimeter to verify you have both.
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