N16 Stereo Removal

68470 (radio cover) = 28074-BM411 or 68470-BM400 or 68470-BN800

Check what is available at your local dealer. Some are black some are grey. I believe 68470-BM400 is grey.

68470+A (this is the fascia - radio mask) = 28074-BM410 or 28074-BM411 or 28074-BN800

I wanted to place gauges in there and move my stereo on the pocket deck spot. It bolts right on, only need to remove the deck and bolt the stereo on the frames.
I bought a second facia of ebay to experiment. It was black (spanish seller) and fits nicely. Only problem is sometimes the lid cluster comes off but with some glue it would be ok.
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