Nismosteve's GTi project.

I figured I best start a proper thread about my poor little N15 GTi. Its the infamous "clocked eBay special" bought in the dark and covered in snow!
But it was cheap and had a years ticket.
I'm going to put up a "to do" list of things that need fixing, I'll arrange them in order of importance at some point. I'm not new to nissans having owned various 200sx's, GTIR (briefly) and a skyline GTSt and they all seem to rust in the same places.

But I am new to the almera and various incarnations it comes in. I'm not keep on the BPO colour but I think they look great in marine blue and the red! But I think mine will end up white.

Its missing the front splitter but judging by the screw holes and paint marks, it had the body coloured splitter that wraps over the air intake at the bottom of the front bumper (don't know the correct name for it)

So some pics after I'd given it a quick wash at work





So the list of things to be done!

Replace heater resistor card
Replace windscreen
Repair surface rust on bonnet / replace with GRP
Sort rust on off side rear quarter below window
Rub down inner rear wheel arch near side and treat
Weld up off side rear inner arch
Clean up and treat inside the rear inner arches.
Sort out surface rust around rear seatbelt anchors
Sort out rust from underneath the above^
Remove side skirts, repair or replace skirts (replace with VZ-R)
Replace downpipe
Replace rear outer arches
Clean up front cross member
Replace all glass seals / rubbers
Replace door seal rubbers and clips
Sort out surface rust on front wings
Repaint car
Replace wheels
Remove air con
Remove ABS
Sort out brakes (big brake kit)
replace weak dampers
Replace as many bushes as humanly possible
Replace front seats (with something nice)

NEW LIST for completed jobs

Replaced clutch:)
Replaced missing rear strut brace:)
Got fuel flap to release properly:)
Replaced gear linkage bush:)
Replaced O/S diff seal:)
Stripped out the boot area and attacked rusty bits with stinky stuff:(

NEW LIST of parts acquired and yet to be collected or fitted.

Drivers side door
Drivers side door card
P1 front splitter
P2 rear lights
P1 clocks
-40mm lowered sping kit

Enough to keep me busy and spending so far before I think about building up a new motor.
I'm quite handy with a welder and can do everything myself so there will be no labour on anything so I think it is a worthwhile project.
More to come. :)
My first Nissan was a G plate 200sx pre face lift in "jizz white" I loved that car but it rusted quite badly:(
I did have a H plate facelift S13 that I rebuilt from a bare shell, it was pretty mint to start with, bit inside the box sections at the back of the sill was starting to go, always rusting from the inside out.

I've got my work cut on on the almera but I've got the same feeling and connection as I had with the first Nissan all those years ago!
In Greece, I 've never seen a Nissan rust so badly, even the old N12,3,4s, the weather? The roads? Less salt? I dunno o_O

My N1 has some tiny bits hit at the floor , but doesn't rust at all. I live in a mountainous area.

BTW, don't forget to check the back side of the mirrors in case you haven't done this one yet.
Its because the roads in the UK are salted during the winter and it rains 360 days a year.

Andy s is selling some coilovers for cheap which would be a better option than springs and new dampers :)

Good luck with all the repairs!!
have got a P1 GTi lip in the garage, needs a bit of work but its not cracked or noubt
I have a rear strutbrace in the garage gathering dust.

I'm only up the road from you, come get it if you want it.

Its good to see an old snotter being given another chance, fair play mush.
Thanks guys:). My 106 GTI is being broken next weekend and all the goodies sold on to fund the Mera! I've got a couple of bils to get out of the way and then I can put a regular monthly budget into the car.
I'm happy to be coming back to the Nissan brand and looking forward to bringing one back from the brink:)
Good luck with the restoration, hope it all goes well.

But changing the colour to white?

This is bad, you must not tipp-exx the sky. :)

I like polar white, besides I know I can do a good job with a flat colour lol! There doesn't seem to be many white ones on here?

*waits for polar owners to post pics:)
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