Spooks 5 window Ford project.

So, this is the first time you have ever attempted this outside of youtube.

Your a natural and i thought you had done this before ha ha, brilliant work and makes this build even more epic.
So, this is the first time you have ever attempted this outside of youtube.

Your a natural and i thought you had done this before ha ha, brilliant work and makes this build even more epic.
Well that's not strictly true. I was in the motor trade for 10 years so I'm not totally starting from zero. It's a bigger job than I've done before though. Steep learning curve.
I've worked out my wheel size for the rear to give me more clearance. Another 64mm each side should do the trick ;)

An unlikely source of wheel but it all calculates out well.
These are the ones Iot enough to clear due to the width (8J) even though they are ET0. I may use these on the front or get them cut and re welded at the correct offset once I've mocked it up.
Hey Spook,
i saw this and thought of you :D
Any updates?
Nice! This has been put on hold for a bit as I have had a Porsche to restore.
I've still been buying a few parts here and there. I've invested in an AEM F/IC-8 which is a badass little piggyback so I have the option of running either a supercharger or a small set of twin turbos and it lets me live map and data log.
I've bought 6 larger injectors that can supply fuel for about 450bhp so that should see me right for a while yet. I just need to find another 2!
Other than that I've been making a set of hub adaptors for the rear wheels. I've decided on some Transit twin wheel rears so I've had to go from stock 4 x 114 to 6 x 108. It should give it a cool look though. I've got the wheels and tyres to go on once I get a spare day to sort it all out. Once those are on I can level the chassis, I may have to make some bottom mounts for the coilies, and then it's on to making the floor frame.

These are the kind of wheels I've got for the back. I'm mounting them the opposite way round to how Henry intended so I should gain around 100mm of clearance either side.I'll have to do another diagram to show when I get the measurements:

I was going to make the hub adaptors from scratch but with the size of the material it would cost me about £60 just for that, so what I did instead was buy a pair of rear hubs on eBay for £15 and then machine them down to fit. I drilled the centres 4x114 to suit the Scimitar hubs. This is the hub before:

So I parted off the big 'top hat' bit on the lathe (scary stuff that!) and then machine the faces flat. I'll get some pics up when they've been plated. Everything will be Zinc and colour on this which should give a bluey tint to all the machined parts.
So then...

I'll admit now I've been slightly more enthused about this since seeing Liam's progress on the mean green gti.
I had a bit of time yesterday afternoon. So I got my Toyos mounted on the Transit rims and cracked on with the rear end.
Once the wheels were ready I set about pulling the studs into he hub adapter I'd made. Some were easier than others due to the threads having been knocked about a bit previously. After I had filed out the bumps and wound the studs in I fitted the adapters to the stock rear wheels. I had been a bit too accurate with the drilling of the adapter holes so they were tight to get on. The standard 4 stud is 114.3 PCD and 1/2" UNC threads so I drilled them 12.8 at 114.3. This effectively made them a press fit. There's no need for that really so they'll b coming off and getting reamed out to 13mm probably before they are plated. Once those were settled in I fitted the new reversed rims. The result was about a 100mm plus offset either side. :)
The rear needs a little more tyre I think but it's good enough for mock-up.
The body shell is currently sitting on the rear suspension mounts that the rear axle swings on and can't go any lower because it would foul the standard wheels. Now they are out of the way I can drop the body down another 2.5".

Picture time!

Pre-work pic of the rear:

The problem:

Standard rear hubs:

Hub adapter on :

How the wheel looks from the side:

The new rear track width:

To give you a sense of the body drop take a look at the lines in the barn door for reference
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