Spotted a couple of Mera's at MFN

good lad, nice to mee you too pal
Good to meet you too David, car was exceptionally clean. It looks good in pics but even better in the metal. Nice to see a really tidy example of a Gti still on the road. Love that Asp header...want!! :cool:

A bit surprised to bump into another AOCer, nice to finally meet you.

Civic looked great!
I was surprised too when I spotted your N1 spoiler from the end of the road!
Car looks great Paul, love the whole JDM theme. Lucino lights really tidy up the back end, it reminded me of my old Autech.;)

I wish I'd taken more pics of the cars together. I'll get there earlier next time!
It is a nice place to chill and catch up, it might be a meet but it's got a bar, burger bar with seating area, few trader stands, promo girls.

Nice night out surrounded by hundreds of modded cars.

Way better than standing in a car park. All legit and coppers are happy with it
Mr. Green, get the stunning Autech on the road :D

I will try my best! Picking some KH3 paint up tomorrow for the skirts.

Worth club repping?

1st Sunday of the Month is the big car meet. I've been going for years and it just keeps getting bigger with more cars attending. Loads of Clubs attend like Civinfo etc ;)

If you want to look at modified cars and talk to fellow enthusiasts it's a great place to go. It's only £2 per person entry which is worth it as there is security so you haven't got to worry about chavs driving like twats near where your car is parked.

Here's the link.
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