Water leak in boot N16 hatch 2000

Hello - New here so any suggestions would be helpful - I have a persistent water leak in the boot of my N16 Almera - the rear lights have been resealed as this was indicated to be the problem but alas as soon as it rained again the was water running in. The seams under the rubber weatherstrip were resealed all the way round and it stopped leaking but then started again. I have checked the new light sealant and it is as dry as a bone even if you hose them down from outside. After removing the moulded carpet unit that clips to the rear slam panel I noticed all of the inner panels/weld joints/ screws/bolts/paint were completely unmarked by water ingress/rust stains except one where the rear panel bolts inside the boot to another inner panel - the two crosshead screws are as shiny as new but where the two panels join there is a rusty patch. the boot lip plastic protector strip clips into the top of this area which forms the boot lip. I have cleaned it up and found water dripping down between these two panels ( the inner and outer parts of the car) I sealed the gap with waterproof flexi sealant and now water is dripping through the same panel join but further towards the side of the car (i.e where these two panels run horizontally about 3 - 4" below the light unit)
Seems the water is still getting in and where ever I seal a leaky bit the water just moves on to another joint - none of which have any underseal of sealant on them - I don't like carrying a couple of pints of water in the car every time it rains....:(
Been there done that. and so has the garage - they said water was coming in the seam that the rubber weather seal fits on - all seams have been sealed twice and firing water on the seam with the weather strip removed does not result in any water in the car but as soon as it rains it start dripping in again ...
Just read the above and thought I would add my boot leak solution. I have been having water leaking into my boot for a couple of weeks filling the spare tyre well with water. The garage had a couple of looks and failed to solve the issue so I decided to look for myself. The water was pooling inside just below the rear lights and looked to be coming through a gap in the metal but not sure where from. I then removed all the trim in the boot and could see water coming from above down the inside of the side panel. The only thing above I could see is a rubber trim about 12 inch long on the car roof behind the back door. I pulled this off but the channel in the metal all looked sound and rust free. The leak persisted and I was in despair. I then read on the internet that this channel could still be the culprit so I went out and filled this small channel with silicon sealant. To my amazement the leak has stopped, thankfully as it has rained all day today. Hope this helps anyone with this problem. Might save you ripping out the boot like I did!!
Hi, do you still have the Almera? If so is it still leak free, I have I think the same issue but unsure exactly where this trim /channel you filled with silicone is positioned?
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