Wheel spacers / longer studs

Greenting from Czech Republic!

I am an owner of Nissan Almera N16 - 2006, HB.

I´ve got new wheels, running at 195/50/16. But here is the issue. It looks terrible on the rear, when the wheels are inside of the huge archer.

So i was thinking about wheel spacers with already mounted studs on them or longer studs + wheel spacers? What width? Before 195/50s there were 205/50s and it looked much better and it was just a little bit to perfection. So maybe 15 - 20 mm on the rear axle should be fine.

Maybe you ask questions like: "Why dont you run 205/50 (or something like that) then?" Here in Czech Republic a couldn´t run 205/50 on my car - legally. And I don´t want to... Push my luck? Don´t know how to say it. :D But you now.. police, collision and insurance... I know, wheel spacers are the same, illegal here, but not on first sight.

But can I buy longer studs? I read here on AOC forum something about studs from Subaru. I read, that they can be mounted on N15 but what about N16?

What is better option? Do you have any expiriences with it? I bet you have. Maybe some photos?

Thanks a lot!
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