Blue N15 S***CBB Cream Leather Kettering

Its changed hands several times since you sold it now. Pops up on eBay every so often.


Ah. Ed mmessaged me a few years ago asking if I wanted to buy it back lol. I know he ended up with about 4 kids pretty quickly after buying it. Looks like a fair bit of stuff is missing. Wonder whats been robbed from under bonnet? Had a quite a few custom. Bits including bored out throttle body etc.
And now it's in mine

I'm guessing the interior will not be a pretty sight anymore with the rear end ripped out and the leather wasn't. Fairing too well for me back then.
do you know if it ever got the jwt cam pullys fitted and adjusted? Iirrc it needed the intake advancing to the the most out of it. Went and drove so much better on smaller wheels too so I'd stick some 15 or 16" on there.

got any plans for it?
To be fair the engine that was in it I drove it for 40 miles and the big ends had gone stop knock inserted so change the engine on removal the cam carrier had about 10 bolt helicoil bent boltsthe cams still in it crack in rocker cover throttle body was stock think the good one went a walk flywheel still there pipes chrome still there I have now fitted the pulleys and set them the best I can i my garage need to get it on the dyno at some point fitted all thermo spacers inlet was a okay to fit had to modify oil filter housing but all good interior shot spent a long time cleaning does not look that bad for its age all the ice gone by way off crowbar and bigger tools I had to rewire quite a bit ecu wires cut dasket fried new loom fitted now it lives going to put it on rota grid drifts 16" and some nice rubber and turbo it .
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Be careful if ever needs welding on the sills as I filled them with expanding foam. It wasn't one of my greatest ideas but sounds like its had a hard life since.
I found the foam in the rear arches mate the rear arches are mint at the min there's a bit of wielding to do on inner front wings and n/s foot and need to bash straight the jacking points as he whole under cill is bent don't think any one new where to jack it up from .
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I will make shore in the near future I will remember to end my comments in a full stop just for you .
I will make shore in the near future I will remember to end my comments in a full stop just for you .
Also for the rest of us. It's called grammar and it makes it a lot easier to read. Thanks.
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