My N15 VZR

Well finally got fed up of diesel driving so said fuck it and went and baught my 3rd Vzr,

This ones pretty much my favourite so far.

Nice and clean, Low Kms and second owner In the country

Had a nice spec when i got it but added my own few touches in the 4 days iv had it lol,

It was kept super clean and well maintained by the previous owner and is a credit to him

Spec was:

Kyb shocks and springs,
HEL braided Brake Lines
N1 Manifold
5zigen Pro racer Catback
Powerland Ecu
NGK Plugs
Magnacore Leads
Razo Pedal
Jvc Touch Screen Dvd Player
Lenso Wheels

So far iv added

Tein Mono Flex Coilovers
Fujitsbo Manifold
Nismo Decat

Future plans are

Recaros ( Need to collect them)
A black Rsm
Maybe Lucino Rear Lights
And will be lowerd another bit in a few days

And then im done, Enough Shitting on anyway, ill keep ye updated but heres a few pics as it is now after a very quick polish and wash








Ha sound lads but wouldnt sell em, love the bin and personal box lets people know theres no smoking :D

Pikcing up Some Nice recaros during the week :)
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