Nige's N15

I had a similar problem when I did the autech conversion. Fuel pump wasnt sending any fuel, i found that the fuse had blown near the steering column. After that it fired up. I think you should check yours if you havnt already done so.
Could you still hear it prime on ignition turn when the fuse was blown? ? Sorry fir the revival just for my own info
Really need too update this thread ! But I'll wait till the bitch is fixed [emoji30][emoji30][emoji30][emoji30]

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So anyway I havnt updated on the forum for some time ( due to the laziness of facebook ) but just thought I'd update with a few pics for the guys who don't normally do the facey forum ! The majority of the guys will know the car has been through some significant changes some liked ! Some not so much ! And as per it's never finished and always work in progress ! And yes insurance companies can sometimes come up trumps ! :D

So many pics to chose from ! So just uploaded a selection !
Big brakes going on this week !

New rims arriving this week as well as a new intercooler setup ! Then she'll be coming off the road for the winter for a few more power upgrades

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1. thanks for posting on the forums :)

2. great effort with that car, kudos. may she live long

Curious about what wheels youve got coming
Cheers Ed ! I know you've probs been bored with all the pics that's been uploaded but I'm mighty proud and maybe a little stupid
For ploughing cash into an olde jap rot box ! But it's all for the love ! :)

As for the wheels well ! Waiting on these beauties !
Enkei RPF1 16x8 et38 with Federal 595 RSR witch have done around 2000 miles ! Absolute mint condition ! Price maybe reflected that ! But would have paid around that for a set of run of the mill alloys !

And this is the intercooler and pipe work that bought on a buy it now on eBay ! 100 quid for all that ! Well happy like !

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Amazing work and such attention to detail but the amber corners are definitely a marmite sorta deal with the new colour, I really don't like the mix. Otherwise amazing build

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I hadn't noticed you'd changed to amber corners. I didn't like the clear ones before but I think the amber is too strong. Maybe bronze the inside reflector or change to amber bulbs to give it a tint and get closer to the colour of the wheel centres.
Epic stuff though!
I've seen it in the flesh before and the results are absolutely stunning! I just can't believe that it's the same car that it started out as or even the one I saw early this year when I first met you haha
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